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Trends seem to be everywhere that we look. It doesn’t matter if we choose to look at the fashion industry, or the adult entertainment industry. Today, the Better Sex Guide has invited a boss from one of London’s leading escorts agencies to talk about the London escorts services The London escort service is a thriving industry in London, but has yet to be acknowledged by its own tax code. The fact is that it is probably bringing in millions of pounds to the capital, but as yet is goes unacknowledged. Alan, who has been running an escorts service for 15 years, says the industry is till not fully recognized.

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It is kind of sad, says Alan, that they will not acknowledge the existence of London escorts, or escorts for anywhere else for that matter. The industry does do very well, but everything gets listed as entertainment. I suppose it is a kind of an entertainment industry, but I can’t see why we can’t have a proper acknowledgement. In Holland, all of the escorts services have a tax code and it is probably shown when the government published figures. In Holland the industry is worth millions, I have a funny feeling that it is worth more in the UK.

Of course, there are trends in the London escorts service, smiles Alan. The latest thing is duo dating. This is a concept that has come over from the United States, and become very popular in London. It means that you get a chance to date two hot bisexual ladies for the night. The girls will come to your place, or you can come and visit them. This service is not so popular with local chaps but it is more popular with visitors to London. I suppose if you are a young guy, it might just be your sort of thing.

Another thing that we see a lot of at London escorts, is escorts for couples. Once again the idea has come over from the United States. Unlike duo dating this service is mainly used by local couples and is getting to be more and more popular every month. The concept seem to be spread by word of mouth, and is certainly very popular in the Swingers community. We have a very active Swingers community in London, and many of its members use the service every weekend, says Alan with a smile. Swinging is now almost like a cottage industry in the UK he adds.

Aland predicts that London escorts services will become more and more popular. Over the last few years, the girls who work for some of London’s leading escort agencies, have gained a bit of reputation aboard. They seem to be exactly what both foreign and local gents want, and many gents take an opportunity to date when they visit London. A lot of my business comes from visitors to London, says Alan, and many of them are international business men who may even have favorite London girls they like to see, says Alan.